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Kombucha may no longer be an alien beverage to many health enthusiasts out there but have you heard of switchel?

Better yet, tropical fruit switchel?

Well, as switchel has a long history dated back in the 17th century but tropical fruit switchel is definitely the new fermented drink in the market and its set to be the next fad!

Formulated and perfected by a Malaysian beverage company, Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd, the Sparkling Switchel is here to offer you an invigorating experience with a zing in each drop. Using only the best original super tropical fruits from the Asian region, incorporated with naturally fermented tropical fruits and grain vinegar.

Sparkling Switchel by Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd promise to tickle your taste buds with its flavour, and refreshing bubbliness!

Better yet, as a pledge to help keep the planet green, Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd only uses FDA approved aluminium bottles which are recyclable!

The new Sparkling Switchel by Craft and Fuse is a drink not to be missed as it is skilfully blended delicately to integrate health and delectability.

Pineapple SWITCHEL

Passion Punch (Non-Carbonated Switchel)


Dragon Fruit

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